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Authors are artistes that paint

Pictures in the minds of others,

Hoping to move your emotions,

To bring tears of happinesss with Joy,

Or with  sadness through regret.

They write to amuse you, 

To Chill and Thrill you,

Very often to guide you ,

Hoping  to inspire you!

But unless their work is in print

It is all a  waste,

So if you have words to say,

Don't sit on the fence

With them in a drawer

Send them to me,

Let  A.P.F.P...  P.F.Y.

And see the joy of them

All in a BOOK

Contact us now!

Let your work be read!


Marriage is the merging
Of two hearts that love,
So that they become one,
Like the unity above!


Marriage is truly giving,
Caring for each as one,
Doing for your partner,
What you want for self done.


If you’re honest with yourself,
Then you’ll be honest to,
With your partner in marriage,
In everything you do!


Marriage should be the giving,
Of self and soul, not ring,
The ring is a symbol,
Of what true love can bring!


Marriage is a solemn vow,
A promise to be kept,
It’s when these have been broken,
That heart and souls have wept!


My Beautiful Dog Jock

My Lord's Love!


Your love Dear Lord

 is like fresh air,

To fill my lungs and heart, „

They then pump it all around

Till I feel you in every part!




You're the shiver

down my spine,

The electricity in my hair

The vibration in my fingertips,

Yes! I feel You everywhere.




Without Your love,

I'd struggle to live,

Like breathing in bad stale air,

I'd pant and gasp the rest of life,

Till interest was gone and didn't care!




Yes! That would be me

without your love,

An empty shell, just void of life,

I wouldn't have any purpose left,

All I'd know is misery and strife.




But I Have' your love,

and Lord I know

Just what you have done for me,

You lifted me from the darkest depths,

And You gave me dignity.




Yes! You' are the fresh air

I need daily,

To fill me and make me glow,

With joyous, loving vitality,

That I pray will always grow!




Now I've found you,

 I can't live without you,

I need you completely inside of me,

For only your love gives me everything,

That I need for my heart to be free!




Yes! Your love Dear Lord

fills me with a warmth

that I can feel,

Changing negative vibes that destroy

Into loving positive ones to heal!







   Patricia Ann


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  AKA Pat Simpson

   I am very proud to say I was born a coalminers daughter the only girl with six brothers, I became a coalminers wife and a coalminers Mother, but then with pit closures I never did come to be a grandmother to a miner breaking the tradition, but even so I have seen and lived life from the raw grit of having to shovel through dirt daily to make a living through to the wonderful  relaxing beauty of  being carefree laying on a gorgeous beach...
During my life same as we all do in one way or another I have had very deep heartaches caused by worry and loss, but then to balance the scales I have also had the best that life can give, beginning in childhood with the best parents in the world, great wonderful caring brothers 

along  with a wonderfully large loving extended family, being not just blood relatives but great neighbors and friends that you know you can always turn to if  in first great personal time of need was when I was 17yrs of age, when I was sunk down into the deepest depths of despair, which is all so clearly portrayed here in this biographical video about those years...

My Teenage Years 1957-1958

But life goes on ... and mine did with me finding everlasting loving happiness with always childhood school friend becoming a lifetime mate my husband of  over 50 yearsTony Simpson....

My Tony

Yes! I have been truly blessed in marriage giving birth to three children my eldest son Robert and two daughters Jeannette my middle for diddle and Deborah my baby... who between them now have given me eleven gorgeous grandchildren and six great-grandchildren at last count... See here the video of our Golden Wedding Celebrations held on the Canary island of Tenerife...

My Golden Wedding 19-12-2009

So I have spent my life contendedly being a wife and mother but then in my late 50's I turned to writing poetry when I found it gave me something else to focus on when facing another serious worry in life ...and yes it did help me carry the cross then that I felt I was carrying ... and so loving it I continued to write, I got a computor which I have now mastered (when the Servers don't let me down) and I have become a published poet and  publisher too, one that loves helping other writers to achieve their own book dreams...      To do this I do all manuscript formatting  I make all pictures and photos  the correct size for printing plus I happily design original / personal book covers for all who need one.
This work that I do for others you will find I do at a very good reasonable rate, I can help anyone create their own book and get it into the stores far less than what others may charge just for doing cover design...... I can even create you a 
web-site like this if needed.... All my publishing help can be found here at my Web-Site...

 To Contact me

E-Mail at

 Now I also love to specialise in doing books for fund raising, to do this I created the group called 'Poets World-Wide' which started with me writing some children's poems purposely to create a book for a Children in Need Charity... To help get more poems for the book I then appealed to all my poet friends asking if they would write a poem in order to donate...the response was fantastic getting me enough poems to do three books two Butterbee Books and The Lucky Grub Book with revenue paid to charity. Since then I have with the 'Poets World-Wide Groups' most generous support done many more books for charity these books along with all the other books and the Authors I helped to publish all can be seen at my publisher bookstore:

Year 2008 Voted The Best Poet for 'All Round Poetry'
In the Awards at


My  Silver Globe Award

Now I am have my own writers sharing website called The Writers and Poetry Alliance' This is a membersonly club where all writers and poets can share their work and review their peers... I amthe Director and this is my wonderful team... John Henson  Co-Director:

Christina r Jussauume Style Tutor Manager:

Joseph S Spence Sr. Prayer Chaplain:
Michael L Schuh Welcomiing Liason Officer:

Please Enjoy Your Stay and Please Visit 


If it was a hunch and you did it then I bet,
You’re glad you did without regret,
You may think it’s a guess but it feels good!
When you follow your instincts like you should

If you get more than one premonition,
Then you are strong on intuition,
With a sixth sense and instinct to know,
To let your gut feelings dictate the flow!

If you cultivate these gifts given to you,
Follow your instincts in all you do,
Then you’ll be a positivist to find,
You don’t need other’s making up your mind!

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