The Stampeding

Horses of the Sea!
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The waves came crashing
on the shore,

Like a hundred horses

Overpowering the wave

That was receding!


Each wave stretching out,
like a hand,

Clawing further along
the shore,

Taking everything
in its grasp,

Wanting more and more!


These horses keep up
their stampede,

Driving bigger waves on,
Tirelessly drumming,
chasing away,

Until there spirit
is gone!


The waves are then
left to roll,

Once more in a gentle way,
Kissing the shore
as they recede,

Back for another day!


Till with spirits soaring
 breath back,

After resting
 in their stable below,

The horses re-group
together again,

To stampede for
another show!


Windows of light
kept shining bright,
Built to let in God's
Heavenly light,

Created with beautiful
pictures seen,

To honour God's love
that's evergreen!


Windows let light
come shining through,

Walls of darkness
both old and new,

Darkness that can hide
heartache and sin,

Hurt and pain to make
 you crumble within!


A slight crack is all
we need to see,

God's shining light
 beaming constantly!

A little hope is what's
needed to do the trick,

Of penetrating darkness
that's built up thick,


Yes! A hole in the wall
can let God's light,

Come shining through
with strength so bright!

Even if bricked up
through pain and shame,

God's light does still shine
on us the same!


So if you've built up a wall
then open your mind,

Look for the window
God gives to find,

A window so precious
to let in the light,

To take away darkness
and also the fright!


If you can't see a window,
chop out a hole,

Let God's light shine in
it will make you whole,

Light is love
it is healing too,

So look for a way
to let it shine on you!


Let your eyes be the
windows of your soul,

Then when closed still
 not shut that is the goal!

Of seeing God's light
shining in and out you,

Filling you with love
your whole life through!


Dear Father God
let your healing light,
Shine on this earthly
 world so bright.

With it's healing rays
fully employed,
To repair all You have
seen destroyed.

Let this loving healing
begin at the root
So all evil is seen
getting the boot.

Back to  Hades where it
should be,
Living with the devil
where we never more see.

Let your light then create
a barrier Lord,
To keep out all that is
not in accord.

Then hearts of man
will be filled to see
True loving allegiance
shown only to thee.

Let your light beam out
from the core all around
To let all know that they
have been found.

So then we can grow
nurtured with the love
That came down to bring
peace from up above.

Please let this peace
like a lily grow,
Everlasting between us
to always flow.

Let your light then shine
in a continual ray,
To penetrate our hearts
and mind each day.

So that all on earth will
flower and bloom
In joyful freedom
from evil's doom.

Then Dear Father God
all within your sight,
Will be blessed by
clearly seeing the light!

 Love Will Defeat!
(Quatrain style each line with 6 syllables)

Has he carried the cross,On His back up the street,
He passed the friends He loved, With eyes that wouldn’t meet!
Ashamed because they knew, They had betrayed Him so,
At His time of great need, They didn’t want to know!


Then at top of the hill, The heavy cross was laid,
Down on the ground where then, His body was displayed!
Arms outstretched on the cross, With His feet down the stem,
Nails then were hammered in, With no protest from them!

But He knew their terror, A material one,
That hearts would be sorry after the deed was done!
Has He hung on the cross, He understood their shame,
Then with His loving heart, He forgave without blame!

To show us that loving, is truly forgiving,
Material misdeeds done through earthly living!
He knows here on this Earth, the temptations we meet,
He showed by forgiving, Love will always defeat!

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Flowing Love! 

As his waters flow,
So does love he sends to grow,
Nurture it within!

Then when your heart is full of His love,
With confidence like Him above,
Let his words like water flow,
Showering all you know!
With truth from above,
Explain His love
Is always
There for


The Ship I Saw Sailing!

The ship I saw sailing on the blue,
Was full of many people that I knew,
My Mother, Father, brothers and then,
Grandparents and more from way back when!


The ship was on a journey searching for more,
I hoped it might be me as I stood on the shore,
But then I saw a great wisp of a cloud,
Cover the ship and with it the crowd!

While in the cloud the ship then turned course,
To sail away in the blue with much force,
I just stood and waved with tears in eye,
They all waved back for they heard my cry!


Then I heard Granddad standing on deck.
Telling all, to keep themselves in check,
I saw Dad comfort Mam guessed he said,
“It’s not time yet Pat must stay in bed”


Then as the ship sailed off out in the blue,
They waved Granddad shouted “We love you!
We’ll sail here again don’t be afraid,
Next time it will be when your ticket is paid!


Till then wake up and enjoy your life,
The illness is past that caused you strife,
Enjoy your life with your family there,
To show life is best when love you share.”


The ship sailed then o’er the horizon blue,
They waved, my eyes opened, I came to,
To see my children standing by me,
Smiling with joy, so lovingly!

So happy am I,  that I now have a glow,
For best of both worlds is mine I know,
I’ve the love of children here on Earth,
Plus Parents in that land of Heavenly worth!


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