Life is frightening

Life can be sick,

Especially if you're

In the thick

Of trouble that comes

Through actions bad

Created by malice

To make you

Temporally glad.

Always remember

What you give

Will come bouncing back

Whilst you live

Karma will catch you

Up one day

Be it near in time

Or far away!

Remember human errors

In this life spent

Can be wiped clean

If you truly repent!

And that doesn't mean

Saying 'Sorry fast

It means truly regrettting

Everything past!

Regretting because

You  longer spurn

The lessons in life

That you need to learn.

The lesson that has

Only one answer LOVE'

It's this you must have

To rise above!

Your heart must be like

The Butterfly's light

That flutters only

To give others delight!

Like a butterfly

To must always be seen

As a colorful carer

With love evergreen!

You must always be willing

To fly along too

Even embrace others

Different to you!

Our coccoon is this world

On which we live

Where we must feed to grow

And learn to love and give

In aiming for these things

We must never sleep

Then the Heaven we strive for

We wii find to keep!

Never be kidded into thinking

Hell's a playground

It's not pleasurable it's full

Of all the evil found,

It's all your worst nightmares

Rolled into one,

Where you never wake

To find it gone!

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