PAT'S THIRD BOOK!             

Dancing in the Moonlght!                             



She loves to dance in the moonlight,
With the stars that twinkle in tune,
And the music of the gentle breeze,
That in her ear does croon!

Then when she’s hot and excited,
She runs to the sea to swim,
Stripping off her gossamer gown,
On a daring impromptu whim!

Back on the beach she stretches out,
Akimbo looking at heaven,
Feeling so peaceful and full of joy,
Like floating on cloud seven!

Once dried off, with gown flowing,
Along the beach once more she'll race,
Tracing her earlier footsteps,
Dancing at a frantic pace!

She does this while the stars all glow,
Always in the moonlight she loves so,
Till the sun begins to rise,
With the dawn its time to go!



The above poem is the opening poem in this delightful book

That shows Pat's love of life and happy contented spirit. 

Full of many wonderful poems to suit all tastes:

Many of them are short stories portrayed in rhyme  

Full of mystery about Ghost's



      Love And Romance          


A selection of poems based on Chinese astrology and its myths,with many poems telling the    meaning of colour.               


All interwoven among many individual poems wonderfully portrayed and full of imagery to stir emotions sad, loving, happy and humorous!

Without a doubt a good entertaining book for all!

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ISBN NO: 9781425987299 

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A Rose Is Still A Rose!


A rose is still a rose no matter the colour, A dog is still a dog no matter the breed,   So why does colour and why does creed, Separate and divide MAN?


    If a bird is still a bird even though it can’t fly           and stretch its wings up in the sky,

Then why can’t MAN understand this,

And agree we differ!


Cause’ MAN is still man be him fat, small or thin,

Woman, child infant with any coloured skin,

Just the same as roses that differs in colour,

MAN too is just the same as one another!

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