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Being me, is naughty,
Doing things bad,
Making parents wish,
They'd never had,
Being me, is feeling,
A sense of shame,
When there's trouble,
Thinking I'm to blame.
Being me, is demanding,
Wanting my own way,
Insisting my brothers,
Let me play!
Being me, is hurting,
When Mam and Dad cry,
Thinking it my fault,
Not knowing why!
Being me, is wanting,
My brother that's lost,
Not knowing the reason
Torture the cost!
Being me, is realising,
The truth of it all,
That self crucifixion,
Is never a ball!
Being me, is seeing,
How children can be,
Fooled and mistaken,
By what they see,
Being me, is understanding,
I was wrong each day,
For what I thought blame,
Was protection in a way!
Being me, is seeing,
That sometimes with pain,
We can get things wrong,
Again and again!
Being me, is knowing,
My parents thought they did,
Their best by keeping,
The great tragedy hid!
Being me, is believing,
Truth will always out,
That to face it at once,
Is the way to go about!
Being me, is acccepting,
That with all suffer pain,
That if we learn from it,
Then we can gain
Being me, is saying
Let it out let it go,
Don't make it into a martyr
For then it will grow!
Being me, is writing,
To let others see,
It's a good way forward
To set self free,
Being me, is knowing,
Love overcomes pain,
That it never ever dies,
But lives on again!
Being me, is praying,
All people will find,
Love in their hearts,
And peace in their mind!
Being me, is trying
To get the message through,
That caring to preserve
Is what we should do!
Being me, is wanting,
To create a better place,
For children to follow us,
As one Earthly race!

This is a poem about me
and how I felt as a child
right through to my feeling's today!


Love is all!

All you need is love,
To reach the Heavens above,
Where life’s eternal!


Eternal for all,
All who are sincere!
Sincere in belief,
Belief that to live,
Live with all mankind,
Mankind here on earth,
Earth the land we share,
Share and learn to give,
Give loving guidance,
Guidance to the young,
Young who need to know,
Know that love is all!


Kiss and be friends……..
Nobody should be alone,
Out on a limb…………..
We should all show care!

To everyone we see.….
Having a need………...
A smile is sometimes all
That we have to give….

Love can radiate………
Out from smiling eyes..
Verifying love can be....
Easily passed on…..….

It is free to give……….
So share it as you live…

Afterlife you will see……
Love kept alive brings..
Life for eternity......


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A poetry book that is full of inspired poems given to Pat by her Spiritual Guiding Teachers above. It is a book written to let God's light shine through in her words to give much joy to Christians and hopefully inspire other's to see The Light! The Light of God above that shines down always to guide and protect us... so that one day we will be light enough with love in our Soul to rise to Heaven above with it...

If you're in pain……….There are words to help heal!

If you feel lost…………There are words to guide!

If you are sad………….Let these words bring joy!

If you feel remorse.....Let these words wash it away!

If you have faith………These words will inspire!

If you feel love…………These words you will adore!


God Bless! I pray you enjoy


Pat xxx

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Just by looking at the fantastic cover one can tell that they are in for blessed treat inside.And it turned out to be a pleasure and a uplifting experience to enjoy over and over at my leisure time and time again. This outstanding author poured her kind blessed heart in to each and every word The poems are one of a kind filled with love and fairh ,so much can and will be learned as you eyes read in delight, .After reading it you just have to feel relieved of some of the pressures that come in everyday life. Your faith will surely become stronger. There are 175 pages of understanding love and true faith in this fantastic book for all to enjoy.


Windows Of Light

Windows of light kept shining bright,
Built to let in God’s Heavenly light,
Created with beautiful pictures seen,
To honor God’s love that’s evergreen!


Windows let light come shining through,
Walls of darkness both old and new,
Darkness that can hide heartache and sin,
Hurt and pain so you crumble within!


A slight crack is all we need to see,
God’s shining light beaming constantly!
A little hope is what’s needed to do the trick,
Of penetrating darkness built up thick,



Yes! A hole in the wall will let God’s light,
Come shining through with strength so bright!
Even if bricked up through pain and shame,
God’s light will shine on us, just the same!



So if you build up a wall then open your mind,
Look for the window God gives to find,
A window so precious to let in the light,
To take away darkness and also fright!


If you can’t see a window, chop out a hole,
Let in God's light that the darkness stole,
Light is love it is healing too,
So look for ways to let it shine on you!


Let your eyes be the windows of your soul,
To keep them open when shut that is the goal!
Of seeing God’s light shining in and out of you,
To fill you with love your whole life through!





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ISBN: 978-1-4092-6076-9

In this book you will find many poems that first came into Pat’s mind as a simple muse of thought that she soon developed into a poem to portray it to others in her usual rhyming way... It is titled a bundle because it is full of varied themes covering life as Pat knows it today, plus her love and belief in God and the promise he gave us all of spiritual life to follow. There are poems all people will relate to at sometime or other as they really do cover all the emotions we have to face in life… Be they sad through loss and pain or happy with the great joy of children and family life, the beauty of the world and all its lovely creatures that we share it with...... Pat says that if just one of her poems helps another person reading to be inspired by the portrayal of her love for God or helped through understanding to find peace in their hearts then to her the book is successful.

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ISBN No: 978-0978348304

A wonderful book that will take you on a spiritual journey through Pat's love of God, faith and her belief in life everlasting in Heaven above... it is a book that will inspire and up-lift all especially Pat hopes those with a need...for whom she prays for constantly!    

BOOK   ISBN NO:1-4241-1090-4

This is Pat's first published book which contains all of the poems Pat wrote whilst running the  hotel and working as a healer in the Scarborough Spiriualist Church. So all of these poems are inspired verse about God and his love, Spiritual Guides, plus poems on all of  life’s emotions. Also within its pages are poems about meditation, healing and self healing.

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