My Mother

Ada Ellen Bingley-Farnsworth
Was her married name,
She was wonderful to everyone,
Treating all people the same.

She had heartache after heartache,
but still she wore a smile,
Mainly one to comfort others,
To charm them and beguile!

Losing one son at two years
Then another at fourteen,
She had to carry on
Keeping her own pain unseen.

Because she was a nurse
When tuberculosis was rife,
She cared for others when she,
Herself was full of strife.

Night shift after night shift,
At the hospital doing her part,
Tending us till at school,
Then she'd rest her weary heart!

Never failing to respond
When there was a knock at the door,
Be it two in the afternoon,
Or middle of night at four!

Running out instantly
To help and do her bit,
Be it laying out the departed
Or bringing another into it!

She never stopped ever
She was always on the go,
When not working she was dancing,
Quickstep or foxtrot slow!

If she was seen in a chair
She was never just sitting
For in her hands would be,
Either crocheting or knitting!!

And as we got older
She was always there,
Still helping and guiding,
Giving our children care!

Never saying "No"
Helping us in everyway,
"Oh! Mam I sorely miss you,
Wish you was still here today"



Everyone loves a cuddle,
It can makes you feel glad
Then when feeling happy,
You’ve strength to fight what’s bad.

Now if you give a cuddle,
You’ll get one back for sure
For cuddles are like a bouncing ball
They come back for more.

They are very infectious too,
Creating so much joy,
Bringing happiness and laughter,
To every girl and boy.

So if you’ve no-one to cuddle,
Get a rabbit or teddy bear
To cuddle up close to you,
Then in this comfort you will share.

For the happiness of a cuddle
The warmth of being held tight
You can get by holding your teddy,
If you squeeze him with might.

Cuddly toys given to children
Are a very precious gift
They bring much joy and comfort
Giving the spirit a happy lift.

Especially lonely children
Tucked up at night alone
Give them a cuddly toy to own,
Then much comfort will be known.

Sticks & Stones!

When I was young and hurting,
About something a friend had said,
I ran back crying to Mother,
Who gently stroked my head.

She sat me on her knee,
Then told me to explain
What it was in my friends’ words,
That was giving me such pain.

Now though I don’t remember,
Today the words that hurt,
I do remember being on Mam’s knee,
Wiping my tears on her skirt.

And I remember still these words
That Mam explained to me,
“Sticks and stones,
May break my bones,
But calling never hurts me,

For when I’m gone and I am dead,
You’ll be sorry for the things you said.”
Now with this planted in my mind,
It’s easier not to re-act I find,

If uncalled for hurting words come my way,
I Brush them off, don’t let them spoil my day


I have two Fathers in Heaven,

Who I happily love so!
And funny enough one of them,
Was my Dad’s Father as well!

Dad’s the name I called one Father,
When he was here on Earth,
Paternally loving and cherishing me,
From the moment of my birth!

He raised me and guided me,
In the ways of love,
He taught me how to pay homage,
To our joint Father above!

 Yes! I love my two Fathers,
Both now in Heaven above!
And the joys of love Our Father gives,
I received on Earth with my Dads love!

So when it is Fathers Day!
Here on earth all I want to say,
Is, “Thank you both Father’s I love you!
In my heart you’ll forever stay.”

But as I write this I can see my Dad
saying; “Now our Pat don’t you ever dare!
Put me on the same level with,
The joint loving Father we share”

But then I hear Our Father above saying,
“That all who love me can abide!
If light and full of love,
You’re welcome by my side.”


Through struggle, work and toil,

we can climb up from the soil,

To face the storms there is in life,

to bloom in spite of strife.

To flower with Soul seeing the light,

that comes from God Shining bright!

Don't lose heart if you should fall,

for with living bad times hit us all.

It's how we pick ourselves back up,

that fills our life's precious cup!

Once it's full of forgiving love,
e'll be on the path to Heaven above


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My Dad and Men Like Him. (Acrostic poem)

Robert Henry Farnsworth.

Raised by hard working folk,                                                                        Only to find that life's no joke,
Because he was sent down the mine at TEN,
Every shift spent, in that black hole of a den.
Resting after a bath in a tin,                                                                            Then after a plate of his mothers stew.

He'd go to bed, and how the hours flew.
Each morning before daylight begun,
Never seeing the sun, to the pit he’d run.
Ready to face another long day,

Yearning to be able to just go play!

Friends too, were in the same boat,
All of them wearing a dirty old coat,
Raggy trousers with holes in the knees,
Not much protection in a winter breeze.
So together they clung emotionally,
With a camaraderie to last, eternally.
Only to be broken by a tragic end
Real old age, wasn't a friend.
Taken early by accident or  miners cough,
Hard working, honest men, who found life rough!

Through struggle, work and toil,we can climb up from the soil,

To face the storms there is in life, to bloom in spite of strife.

To flower with Soul seeing the light, that comes from God Shining bright!

Don't lose heart if you should fall, for with living bad times hit us all.

It's how we pick ourselves back up, that fills our life's precious cup!

Once it's full of forgiving love, we'll be on the path to Heaven above!


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When the miners club had a family day out,
They voted for the seaside without a doubt,
Then on the day families all walked together,
Children laughing whatever the weather!
To catch the train hired just for the day,
That seemed to take the whole village away,
Then once on board with their Moms sat down
The kids looked out the windows at every town,
Image Hosted by Free picture image hosting at
The length of the train made them marvel too,
When going round a bend seeing the backend too.
And the chugging of the train it seemed to say,
“We’ll soon be there” in a rhythmic way!
Then those with head out the windows would be,
Spit washed by Mom to get the soot off you see
On arrival at the seaside all then would go,
Down to the beach that they loved so,
Mom’s sat in deck chairs while dads wandered off,
To get something, they all said, for their cough!
Moms knowing what their something would be,
Said “Don’t dare be drunk when you come to me”
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The kids ran about playing on the seashore,
Paddling, splashing and fishing for crabs galore,
Young girls in swimsuits were chased by lads who,
Thought, “They look good, by gum they do!
Then Dads would turn up at half past three,
For with the pubs shut then, they wanted be,
Paddling with wife and kids in the sea,
So they rolled their trousers up to the knee!
Then because the sun made them hot and red,
They wet their knotted hanky and put it on their head,
Walking back to the deckchairs all hand in hand,
To picnic with the families there on the sand!
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Then a walk on the sea front for an oyster or two,
With kids having a candyfloss and an ice cream too,
The pubs then would open for the dads to get a bottle,
For the train back to pour down their throttle!
Well lubricated they would then sing a song,
Always one that all could sing along,
Daisy, Daisy, Roll out the barrel, loving you,
Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside, too!
Toddlers and babes fell asleep on the knee,
Happily on the way back exhaustedly!
Then once back home everyone would agree,
What a wonderful day they’d had by the sea!
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