A Wonderful Children's Fairy Story See All About It Here on video

This book is a wonderful compilation of stories with pictures starting with the Fairies! Telling of how they lost their wings through a jealous Witch's evil spell to turn them into little people left to live in a dell where they then only twinkle instead of flying, and then with not being able to fly they become vulnerable to predators like Spiders and Wild Cats!



Also included in the book, linked to the fairies story is:


The Witch's story is about her jealousy of all fairies, because they've got wings to fly when all she's got is a broomstick! The book tells how she finally does make the spell only to be found out by the Fairies that she is still a Witch! Get the book and let the kid's find out what happens to the Witch after she cursed the fairies to change them into Twinkles!


Also in this collection  The Broomstick's Joy                  


His story tells of his heart break at being abandoned left by the Witch to rot, then how he is helped and befriended by a little Blue Bird to find lasting happiness with the Fairies!   



Now these poor Glummies were fairies too once,

But they were cursed by the same Witch's more evil

Grandmother who condemned them to live in a 

rainforest where the sun never shone and where

they were east prey for spiders!

Get the book to find out how they broke the evil Witch's spell!


 The Spider's Story! 

Read about what the Spider does so that he turns out to be the fairies friend also in the end!

To finish like all good fairy stories do!


     With them all living happily     Ever  After!

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  If you love this story and would like to read it in poetry, told in rhyme:   ISBN No: 0-9779662-4-0     

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ISBN: 978-1-4357-2843-1

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Hello!  I'm Flick!

 The Runt who becomes the hero

Get my book and read the story of how I grow from being the unwanted bullied Runt of the Litter to become a much loved Son, Brother and Friend... Be thrilled as I was when I escaped with sister Julie from the Cattle Market.Enjoy seeing my life as it is now living free and  wild in the woods with my new friends... 

Horace the Hare.   Lulu the Rabbit


Bodger the beaver! 

Understand how I felt when in the Spring all my friends were finding girlfriends leaving me alone to try, and find one of my own....


Just to be left heartbroken after following the scent of a girl pig for days to find myself being called an Ugly Pink Skinned Freak chased away by ferocious Wild Boars.!

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 ISBN No: 0-9779662-6-7      


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This is a lovely delightful book of short stories for the younger children, each story will enchant and delight any child and they will love hearing how these lovely creatures all live and play together in perfect harmony!

Also included in the book are the stories of

 The Lost Cherub:    The Happy Fairy Dell:

Freddie the Fish:             The Gnomes Ball

The Fledgeling:Plus: 

          The Moon and King Neptune    


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The Wizard, The Witch & Joe the Toe.

ISBN 978-0-6151-8027-4

  • A wonderful fantasy story told in rhyme about a deformed boy growing up tormented and neglected so that when grown all he is fit for is to herd the goats...Until one day when he welcomes a lost old Wizard into his shack giving him his own bed to lie in...the Wizard then befriends him helping him to stand straight and tall to become a man of real good standing within the community...he gets married and becomes a Dad.. but unfortunately neither his troubles or the Wizards are over because because a nasty evil jealous Witch intervenes with the Wizard by stealing his own Dragon to fly on ....This poor Dragon when not flying with the Witch on his back he is chained and locked up to stop him flying away...eventually though like all good stories after many trials and tribulations it does end with them all living happy ever after...This is a most remarkable  story that not only children will love but so will adults too.          

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     Jack The Lad

A fictional story of events that at one time did happen about how a boy and his Mother are chucked out of their colliery house onto the streets when his Dad dies as there is no other miner living in the house. It is a story that shows how the young lad fights back, to get a job himself, home and security... It is a easy read that will be enjoyed by children all ages and one that many folk with a mining background will find they can relate to. 

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