"We Must Remember Them!"


Remembrance Day I watched on TV

Veterans’ putting wreathes on Monument stand

Three of them from the First World War

Well over 110 such a special brand!


"Let Us Remember Them!"


Men  soldiers, sailors and air force

Representing the many more,

Comrades that went and never came back

Killed fighting on another shore!


"Let Us Remember them!"


As I watched I felt and I also

Could sense these old gents pride,

I also felt their great sense of loss,

Whilst watching many tears I cried!


"Let Us Remember Them!" 


Then I went on the poetry site,

Read poems by a poet who does care,

Because he has done his duty too,

Seen the Hell that goes on there!


"Lets Us Remember Them!"


The poems he wrote they made me weep,

Like the news did earlier that day,

As I read his poems and his final pleas,

Let's not forget help the vets some way!


"Let Us Remember Them"


So now my voice in pen, I put with his, saying,

Remember the Soldiers that heard the call,

While not forgetting the ones that's lost

That never returned at all!


"Let Us Remember Them!"


And let's remember the Vets that do,

By giving them the breaks they need,

When they return back home again,

Let's show them a loving deed!


"We Must Remember Them!"


By helping them through their trauma

By helping to ease their pain,

Let's give them a leg up in civil life,

So they can live in peace again!


"We Must Remember Them!"


Please Do


  At This Link


Ask Any Vet



Ask any Vet, that you may know,
What he thinks of the U.S.O.


Then just stand back and let him speak,
He might be talking till next week!


Staffed by Volunteers who care,
The U.S.O. is always there!


Providing services and time,
It doesn't cost a single dime!


Their efforts never really cease,

In times of war, in times of peace!


The lonely soldier has a friend,
On whom he knows he can depend!


Caring people, kind and noble,
Not just here, Their reach is global.


Anywhere a soldier serves,
He gets the help that he deserves!


©  J Elwood Davis

Chicago USA


Veterans Day Salute

The Eagle flies, the troubled skies

In His vigilance, unending!

Prepared to fight, For what is right,
With principles, unbending!


The sand is stained, where evil reigned,
By the blood, of those who served

Cause freedom, doesn't compromise,
And right, can't be unnerved!


We've set aside, this day of pride
For those, who paid the price!

Lest we forget, the fallen Vet,
Who made the sacrifice!


I'm proud to be, completely free,
But many are oppressed!

And well, I know, the debt I owe,
For I am truly blessed!


© J Elwood Davis

Chicago USA


On Veteran's Day

On Veteran’s Day, we stop and recall,

Those who fought and stood so tall,


Each bravely took the ultimate fall,

Many with names carved on a wall.


Let not our apathy cause us to pall,

Forgetting the sacrifices made for all,

Our biggest thank you would be too small,

For courageous men who heeded the call.


© Helen McManus

    Warrington USA

*Widow of a Marine*


A Proud Achievement as  Publisher


ISBN: 978-1-4092-4723-4

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After being moved to tears watching old Veterans paying tribute to fallen comrades
Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson was inspired to write a poem which she then put on to poetry websites. Later still feeling much compassion in her heart she was moved once more by another poet's words that really did hit home because they came from Jim Elwood Davis a Marine who himself served in Vietnam. It was by reading his poems that Pat had first thoughts about the book. Ideas that Pat then passed by Jim who  immediately enthused, offered his full support in recruiting other poets to join in by donating their poetry. The response was immediate with poems coming not only from ex-service men, their sons, wives, widows and daughters but from many poets world wide that just believe it a duty to support the serving troops and Veterans...
Thus between them creating a very well accomplished book that touches upon all aspects of military life. Including poems that show the loss and injuries seen in war, the triumphs of battle, the heartache at leaving loved ones behind and the overwhelming joy at coming home…Along with many, many prayer poems asking for greater understanding and loving care be given to the returning men and Vets from other wars. This book and cover has been worked on voluntary by Pat who put all the poems so generously donated by the Poets into a manuscript to create this wonderful completed book with all revenue from sales going directly to the USO.

Unpaid Bills


He lost his home and family that was everything he had!
He used to be a husband once and used to be a Dad!

A Viet-Vet, and war hero, I heard someone remark
But now he's just "old drunken Bill"

who lives down in the park!

They say, he won the silver star, for courage under fire,
But he won't talk about the war, when anyone inquires.

He just feeds the pigeons and talks with all the kids,
No one seems to understand, what made him,

hit the skids!

Just another past due "Bill" that we forgot to pay,
Because it's so much easier, to turn and look away!

I'm sure nobody really cares, but I just found out today,
Newspaper said, they found him dead Old Bill

had passed away!

This man who stood in our defense, asked nothing in return,
His only home, an old park bench, but why should you be concerned?

Americans sure love to brag, about our fighting skills,
It seems we love to wave the flag, but forget to

"pay our Bills!"

There are other Bill's out there, to whom we owe this debt,
I hate to bring it up to you, you'd rather just forget!

But when you go, to bed tonight,Thank God, you've got it made!
And ask him to forgive us, for all the "Bills"

we left unpaid!


© J Elwood Davis

Chicago USA

(Just one of this poets fantastic poems to be found in this book)



Hope, Honor and Glory


             Honour is something we should give

             Our troops always to help them cope,

             People should show them that they care

             Everyday, everywhere to give them   Hope!


             Hopefully then we will see all

             Old and new soldiers all treated same,

             Naturally cared for financially

             On return from war played that's not a game,

             Rewarding everyone with                   Honor!


             Always we find cash for bombs

             Now let's find cash for the men

             Do what needs doing when they are home again.


             Give the cash needed to show them care

             Lovingly every day until,

             Once again on Civy Street we see,

             Right's been done with goodwill!

             Yes! Let our caring be their             Glory!


          Let us give it to them in Abundance!

 © Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson



The Participating Poets


Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson    J Elwood Davis

Char                              Kathleen Charnes-Zvetkoff 

Janet Vick                                    Lil Mac Dermott

Ginny Robley                             Maura Mc Creave

Alma Coffell                                     Joe Hartman

Michael French                               Roger L. Scott

Paula Smith                               Jacquelyn Sturge

Emil J. Donatello                     Jennifer Lee Wilson

Lou Lenhart                                     Sarah S True

André Kastinovich                            Erich J.Goller

Helen VanEck Holub                               Judy Ball

Terri Wright                                      John F Price

Richard W. Jenkins               Christina R Jussaume

Lynne M. Cullen                  Pamela-Jean Belanger

Michael L Schuh                  Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

Robert Hewett Sr.                          Beverly Reedy

Gayle Lee                                    Helen McManus

Ted McIlvenna.                             Daveda Gruber

Leokadia Durmaj                                Cari Nelson

Nancy Childers                                 Mollie Reckitt

Lillian Bingley-Telford




To All


The Brave Men and Women


Who Have Served In The Name of Duty!


Thank You”


Special ‘Thanks’ to J Elwood Davis

(Poet Raindance) for his support and inspiration!

To all the participating Poets for generously

Donating their poems!

And to all you lovely caring people that have/will

 Purchase the book!



You All


Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson.

(Poet Patsimpson)

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