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Poet:  Mary Ann Duhart

Learn more about me and my book titled: "Healing Through Poetry" at my own website     http://www.authorsden.com/maryaduhart

J. Elwood Davis aka Raindance:
Vietnam Vet. US. Marines
Former singer/songwriter
Musican. Father of 10.


Poet Joe Hartman aka Joebirdies:  Delaware USA:

A great poet and wonderful friend who writes poetry from the heart especially when writing about  the poor kids of the world, HATE war & violence. All his poems cry out for help peace and loving understanding throughout the world:


Christina R Jussaume...aka Crj147
Poet,Published Author

My name is Christina and I am a Christian wife, mother and grandmother.  I lost both of my parents before I was 40 years of age.  By writing poetry I found relief from my grief. My poetry helped me to see the beauty given by God.  The beauty I had seen all of life

I began to write about.

Contact www.poetesscrjussaume.com






Alice I Stevens

You Will find some of Alice's poems in Souls Asylum's first anthology published in December 2006,,called "Whispering Souls"



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