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Cover Designed by Pat Simpson

ISBN: 978-0-557-10909-8

This is a volume of poetry for the world to remember and read to their loved ones about the day when suicide hijackers crashed two planes, one into the east twin tower and another into the west tower of the World’s Trade Center; thereafter, other hijackers crashed a plane into the pentagon,
and another was stopped short by heroic passengers
before it could hit the Presidential White House
which was its intended target.
May the souls of the victims and their families
be remembered as they are honorably lifted up by
All revenue raised will be paid to The Firefighters Fund

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Poetry with Passion ran a competition for best poem in tribute with new style creation all the poems in the competition then went into this wonderful charity book...Mary Ann Duhart won the prize
here she is with the trophy!

Day of Sadness
(F&L Rhyming Mary's Way)

News reports rung out that morning
Views were shown of all the mourning
Reviews thru day without warning
News was not pleasing this morning

Twin Towers hit by two airplanes
Within the chaos was much pain
When it came down there were remains
Twin Towers hit who can explain.

Known now as the “Patriot’s Day”
Moan for the souls lost we still pray
Groan for loved ones that went away
Known as “Hero’s on that sad day

Another year since that event
Others still live with the torment
Mothers and others still lament
Another day in tears we vent


Mary Ann Duhart

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